Web Of Night

fictional Goth/Industrial Club in Southeast DC) 

Last Updated: 06/30/04



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South Capitol Street


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South Capitol Street


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South Capitol & M Streets (Web of Night is behind & to the left over this bridge)


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Half Street, approaching the back of Web of Night


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Half Street (Left side of Web) and L St. (Back of Web)


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Half & L Sts. (Back & Left Sides of the Web)


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The end of Half St., one block past the Web


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Front of Web of Night (Half & K Streets)


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Front of The Web, Garage, & Parking


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Back of The Web, Alley & Storage Bldg.


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Web Parking Lot


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Leaving Web of Night










h Photo Welcome to my nightmare... 

Web of Night is a large, busy Gothic- Industrial-Darkwave Nightclub in Southeast DC, that caters to an entirely different subculture than the well-heeled clubs and bistros common to Northwest and Mid-town DC.  

The Web is home to House DJ's GeMiN][, Caine & Diablo, as well as MC Nomad & NSA Productions' local bands Oueste Koaste Madnys & Various Larrys, as well as local guest DJ's Mohawk Adam, Twisted Scott and Red Steve from It's A Chrissy and The Roxy. 

The suave and alluring original owner, Nicholas Succorso, disappeared without a trace a year or so ago, perhaps caught up in his own tangled web somewhere. A partnership formed by singer Anya Star, MC Nomad and DJ GeMiN][ stepped in to buy out the club last year. Months later Gem was bought out by Star's sister Shavone Summers, and Star herself bought out all but a token share from Nomad. Then, rumor has it Nomad turned around in late 2003 and bought both sisters out. Gem's apartment in Baltimore burned to the ground, leaving no trace behind of its owner. Not to be left out, in true Web fashion, neither sister has been seen in months, a fate seemingly shared with every person save one who has ever owned The Web, leaving patrons to wonder who is really minding the store... and unsure they want the answer.

Featuring three dance floors with separate DJ's, 2 stages, 5 bars, and a second & third floors balcony VIP Lounge, Web of Night has already become notorious, in its own right, in the DC underground scene as a magnet for counterculture.

* NEW *: The Web is now featuring a monthly Vendors Night, in which local artisans, who cater to services popular in the underground community that The Web serves, will be afforded table space in the back ballroom to ply their trade. 

Featured services will include musicians, artists, body modders, jewelry, clothing, books, health services, and more. Please speak to the management if you wish to run a table at Vendors Night.



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Map of Area

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View from the Main Stage

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Various Larrys & Oueste Koaste Madnys

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VIP & Balcony Levels

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Anya Star & Arcane Knights

MarxMicProwl2.jpg (71559 bytes)

Marx Ingels

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David Bowie

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Hallway to Back of Club

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Front Main Dance Floor

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Back Bar

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Bar by Main Stage

21.jpg (34026 bytes)

One of the main Bars

18_patio2.jpg (174051 bytes)

Back Patio

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VIP Balcony Lounge

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VIP Lounge II

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10_concertsidefloor.jpg (209095 bytes)

Side Dance Floor

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DJ Mini-Me



The Kenilworth Avenue Rave!

Hosted at the former Parks Meats Warehouse on Benning Road, off Kenilworth Avenue, N.E.

If you missed this landmark event, click on the above link for highlights from this once in a lifetime party!

DJ Promotions & Events:





(Web of Night is a fictitous Goth-Industrial Club primarily based on the DC Club "Nation" & its original incarnation, "The Capitol Ballroom," with aspects also from its predecessor, "The Roxy" (now defunct). 

Example Photos posted above that were not taken by me personally, are credited to Nation, Alchemy, or other respective Clubs & Event Nights on the East Coast scene. 

We claim no copyright, trademark or profit. These clubs are merely being held up as a prototype to set the scene for storytelling/gaming purposes. 

Please support these venues if you ever come to DC in person. 

We will be happy to re-edit, remove or post different credits for any graphics here, as per their rightful owner's wishes.)