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Changeling [CLOSED]
KotE / Hengeyokai
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This page contains information on what White Wolf modules we run, and specific information for potential players of individual genres.

There is also information on key NPC's for this Chronicle, and information for PC's who want to RP out earning a position of IC Authority.

[A] Genres We Play Here


This is a complete World of Darkness crossover game. 

We support the following modern-day genres within this Chronicle:

  • C:tD Changeling The Dreaming (Fae) [FINISHED March 2005]

  • D:tF Demon The Fallen [CLOSED May 2005]

  • H:tR Hunter The Reckoning  Closed June 2005

  • KotE Kindred Of The East (Kuei-Jin) [CLOSED May 2005]

  • M:tA Mage The Ascension (includes Sorcerer & Gypsy Closed June 2005

  • M:tR Mummy The Resurrection [CLOSED May 2005]

  • V:tM Vampire The Masquerade [CLOSED May 2005]

  • W:tA Werewolf The Apocalypse  Closed June 2005

  • W:tO Wraith The Oblivion [CLOSED May 2005]

  • Mortals: the Morsels [OPEN]




  • We understand that new players who join while we're in the middle of Time of Judgment, may feel left out or shortchanged by running a Mortal PC (though in reality you will have just as much fun). As a compromise, we are recruiting for help with some supernatural NPC's, ONLY for Time of Judgment (this offer does not extend to 2.0).

  • The NPC's you may request are listed below. These are WW Canon NPC's, specifically intended to be part of TOJ. Stats & data can be provided for you. NPC's who are part of the storyline not yet revealed to the players, we have withheld details on, so as not to spoil the story. If you play that NPC, you will be given more information than is posted here.

  • If you honestly feel qualified to help with any of these, inform an ST. It helps us out, and you get to participate more heavily in the supernatural aspects of the storyline that you otherwise might not see. 

  • (NOTE: Current players may not ask to run an NPC in the genres they are playing in; this kind of takes the fun out of the story to know in advance.)

D:tF (Fallen) Very High Level NPC (TBA - Spoiler) [Reopened] See an ST for more info
D:tF (Fallen) Misc. Mortals - Religious See an ST for more info
H:tR (Hunter) Unnamed High Level Redeemer (w/ unique Level 5 Edge)


See an ST for more info
V:tM (Vampire)

Ryder (Gangrel Anathema NPC)


One of The Chosen
V:tM (Vampire)

Ferox (Gargoyle Anathema NPC)

God's Messenger

V:tM (Vampire)

Alia (Dhamphir NPC)


Last Daughter of Eve & Messenger of God

V:tM (Vampire) Various Walk-On Kindred, Mortals and Unknowns See an ST for more info

W:tA (Werewolf)

"The Perfect Metis"


See an ST for more info

W:tA (Werewolf) Rides-the-Aether (Nuwisha NPC) See an ST for more info
W:tA (Werewolf) Mary Otafire (Mankunguru (African White Corax)) [TAKEN] See an ST for more info
W:tA (Werewolf) "The Most Ancient of Bears, Heals-the-Land" (High Level Gurahl NPC) See an ST for more info
W:tA (Werewolf) "Headcase" (Mid Level Ratkin NPC) See an ST for more info
W:tA (Werewolf) Adrian Carver (Mid Level Ferectoi NPC) See an ST for more info
W:tA (Werewolf) Zhyzhak (High Level BSD NPC) See an ST for more info
W:tA (Werewolf) The Margrave, Yuri Konietzko (High Level Shadow Lord Homid Theurge NPC) [TAKEN] See an ST for more info
W:tA (Werewolf) King Jonas Albrecht (High Level Silver Fang NPC) [TAKEN] See an ST for more info


  • When the nWOD/2.0 game opens, we will again be supporting a full cross-over game, eventually accepting all 2.0 genres, so please keep an eye out for when those genres open to accept new characters.

  • Oct. 2005: The nWOD game is not set for a certain date; it will simply begin a couple of weeks after TOJ is completed. Our goal is to start 2.0 by January 2006 at this point but it is not a hard deadline.

For more information on what Non-Mortal genres will be accepted

in the new WOD 2.0 Chronicle,

please see the New World of Darkness Rules Page.






To Make A Changeling PC

To Make A Demon PC

To Make A Hunter PC

To Make A KotE/Henge PC

To Make A Mage PC

To Make A Mummy PC

To Make A Vampire PC

To Make A Shifter PC

To Make A Wraith PC

To Make A Mortal PC


If you are not sure where to find information on the character class you have in mind, ask a Storyteller/Op for help.

Also, almost every genre has a separate dedicated Yahoo Group besides the main one. Please look at the bottom of the sub-genre rules page for your PC Class and get signed up for the appropriate sub-lists. There are links to the groups listed there.


[B] Cast of Characters for this game:

  • We do not identify the race or true nature of PC's in public. That information should be earned in RP.

  • The names of some key NPC's have now been moved to the Sub-rules page for their genre (See above table). Please refer to the links above to go to individual genres pages.

  • Your character may not automatically assume to know the names on these rosters, unless you either earned it through RP, or specifically included it in your background bio. 

  • If you feel your PC should begin play knowing some key characters in your genre, speak to your ST about it during the creation process, and include details of why & how in your background.




Players are encouraged to RP out competing for any open slots, as well as for any slots occupied by an NPC, *IF* your char feels they can best that NPC IC and earn it. 


Positions of Status for PC's will be awarded for worthy RP and OOC responsibility, not just given to the first player to ask. Please be realistic in your pursuits. 


Players who wish to occupy titled positions such as the Prince's Council or any other Genre equivalent will need to be available to role-play at least a couple times a week, and/or answer emails normally within a 24 hour turnaround time. 


If you cannot keep this schedule, please do not apply for any positions of IC authority, as it delays other players waiting on your responses.


All Gaming Sourcebooks & Materials for this campaign are 

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