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This page is here to address whatever changes, rules or concerns may arise during the course of this Chronicle shifting into the new World of Darkness game system (2.0). 

"The World of Darkness is increasingly starting to remind me of a Judge Dredd story I read when I was little, in which a werewolf on a colonist ship goes out in search of prey. Unfortunately, his prey turns out to be another werewolf, and so they team up and jump a third person - who also turns out to be a werewolf, as is the fourth, as is everyone else abroad the ship, the Judges having cunningly sent all the lycanthropes in the city off on this thing, with vampires to follow. Between vampires, werewolves, mages, wraiths, changelings, mummies, kinfolk, weretigers, ghouls, sorcerors, hunters, hengeyokai, werebears, wererats, nunnehi, kuei-jin, revenants, djinn, merfolk, Gypsies, weresharks, etc, etc, the world’s getting a little bit crowded. Soon the Wolfies will publish IOWAN: THE REAPING, in which we discover the secret powers of John Deere, black coffee, and losing your arm in agricultural accidents, and there won’t be any mortals left at all."

-- from an book review by James Palmer, 2001


The new World of Darkness website from White Wolf has some previews and information on the new game, for those who are interested.


UPDATE March 2005:

Good news, bad news.


Bad news: it's not going to work out, to try and merge from 1.0 to 2.0. We tried, but there were some things that just wouldn't fit.


Good news: No matter how things ended for you in TOJ, it's a fresh start, so you can remake old character concepts, perhaps not identical to their old selves but at least they can exist again, and you can play with alternate versions of them.

Even formerly dead PC's are eligible, as the two worlds are not connected, which would not have been an option if we merged 1.0 and 2.0.

The new 2.0 game will still be set in DC. But as of right now that's all that has been decided, other than that we will run all 4 genres eventually.



As of September 2004, we are planning, where possible, to incorporate some elements of the old game into the new, so that over 7 years of work is not entirely lost. However, this is also a chance to cut out stagnant parts of the Chronicle as well, and for all players to try something new. Some old favorites will be gone, and others are changed in many ways. And some new elements have been introduced.

So, yes; there will still be a game. We just don't yet know entirely what it looks like yet.


“Let's take a map of the world, Tear it into pieces, 
All of the boys and the girls Will see how easy it is
To pull it all down and start again 
From the top to the bottom and then
I'll have faith or, I prefer
To think that things couldn't turn out worse”

- Depeche Mode, “And Then”

The genres that will exist in WOD 2.0 are:


No other genres will be carried over, or if they will be, not for at least 3-4 years.



When we first begin the new WOD 2.0,

the first new PC's will start mortal;


IC, because that appears to be how WOD 2.0 is set up (you start mortal and become something else),

and OOC because we do not want to begin incorporating any additional genres until the ST's are comfy refereeing them, and the majority of players are savvy enough to RP without their nose in a book constantly. 


  • NOTE: Those players who earned extra cookies for excellent RP or extra helping or effort in facing TOJ will be rewarded in creating new characters, probably in the form of extra exp to start, and or first pick of some choice PC's. We want there to be a benefit for being good sports while the world we've known for 8 years OOC goes completely and literally to Hell around us, for sticking with it and playing it out to the bitter end.


Over time, once we have mastered the new system, other genres will be phased in and PC's from them accepted eventually. The sooner both players and ST's get a working grip on the new system, the faster the supernatural stuff can be added to the mix without dragging the game down.


As of Summer 2005, it seems likely this will not be for several months yet, while we finish TOJ and then segue into the new story.


More to come.





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