A1. Primer of DC



   B1. The Main Channel

   B2. List Of Channels

   B3. Side Channels Policy










This page contains information on where the game is set, IC, and also where the game is played on IRC, OOC. Also, some information on Washington DC; a list of all of our IRC channels, and a few notes relating to policy about the channels.




Location: This game takes place in and around Washington, DC. All IC locales are loosely based on actual places in Washington, DC & the  surrounding Metro area, when possible. 

Please refer to the Maps & Tours page for specific details. 


Date/Calendar: Present Day, Adjustable Present Date


Time of Day IC: Always at ST's discretion (not real-time). NOTE: If vampire characters are in a scene, it is automatically nighttime IC, unless the ST decrees otherwise. 


Factions In Control IC: Since this has different relevance in different genres, "Factions in Control" are on the individual Genre pages rather than here. You may not enter the storyline knowing this information IC unless you and you ST determine that you have earned it.



[A1]: For information on a variety of minor legal and social issues that you need to know, to correctly RP being in DC (such as gun laws, drinking age, cost of living, etc.):




[B] Where Do We Play (OOC)? - IRC Channels Used:


  • IRC SERVER: We run the game on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). We are on the DARKMYST server. You can connect by typing "/server irc.darkmyst.org". See Also: www.darkmyst.org for more info and help with commands (such as IDENT to your nick to get voiced).

  • IRC SOFTWARE: You can use a variety of interfaces to connect, for PC ( www.mirc.com ), Mac or Linux, and also some WebChats. There is a web chat on www.Darkmyst.org and also www.ircatwork.com . Also the Multiclient software Miranda supports IRC. http://miranda-im.org. Some people also use Trillian. Also Leafchat is okay.

[1] The "Main" Channel: 


RP occurs in multiple channels (see below), appropriate to the genre or as the scene warrants. Just like in a real city, action takes place in multiple locations, and since there can be more than one scene at the same time, we do not have a single IC Channel. So, the question "Where's the IC Channel?", in a game like this, makes no sense. 


There is no "one channel." The "Main Channel" (#11thHourOOC) is the OOC Channel, where we gather and make plans for IC activity together.


[2] List of Official 11th Hour Channels (updated as of January 2010):

  • #11thBallRoom: NOT PUBLIC. Kindred Players in good IC standing in DC only.

  • #11thHourClassroom: PUBLIC. OOC Channel for workshops and ST/Player mechanics/system discussions.

  • #11thGWU: PUBLIC. George Washington University. Where all "College" RP takes place.

  • #11th_Hour_Lounge: PUBLIC.  Public venue + VIP "Members Only" Country Club (Setup is currently changing for 2.0)

  • #11thHourOOC: PUBLIC. Player/ST Chat & Dice for all Alliance Channels. This is the "Main Channel" and OOC Channel.

  • #11thHourOps: NOT PUBLIC. For Storytellers only and any players invited there to discuss game business.

  • #Bound: PUBLIC, but only open at ST Discretion. BDSM Fetish Club in DC.

  • #CrowBar: SEMI-PUBLIC, but on a need to know basis. Biker Bar somewhat in the flavor of "Sons of Anarchy" in suburban VA. See JonOOC for access.

  • #DarkAsgard: PUBLIC: Goth/Darkwave Music Club owned by Loki. Also comic & book shop, internet cafe & Wide screen TV w/DVDs.

  • #DCStreets: PUBLIC. Generic catch-all Channel for in-town RP not covered elsewhere.

  • #EmbassyOfIreland: PUBLIC. Literally, the Embassy of the Republic of Ireland in Washington.

  • #FranzAvenue: NOT PUBLIC. Fae Players only. Franz Avenue Bistro in Southwest D.C., also referred to as the Bistro or the Diner. Combined former #DCFreehold & #DCHedge. See an ST if you feel you need access.

  • #HellOrConnaught: PUBLIC. Irish Pub in Northeast.

  • #KinWarehouse: NOT PUBLIC. Uratha venue only. See an ST if you feel you need access.

  • #RockCreekPark: PUBLIC. Large wooded national park of several hundred acres, in NW DC bordering VA.

  • #Shrine: NOT PUBLIC. Private RP Venue. See an ST if you feel you need access.

  • #StPatricksChurch: PUBLIC. Well-known, popular and old Catholic Church on the NW/NE border in DC.

  • #Tea42: PUBLIC: Victorian and Asian fusion Tea House in Northeast DC.

  • #TheFinalWord: PUBLIC. Bookstore, Occult Shop, Coffeehouse, Open Mike, Wifi Hot Spot in SW DC.)

  • #WolfHaven NOT PUBLIC. Uratha Players only. See an ST if you feel you need access.



  • #11thNewEden: Vander's Club

  • #BaltimoreByNight: PUBLIC. For any IC business in Baltimore. 

  • #CapitalHill: Semi-PUBLIC. Public venue + VIP "Members Only" Country Club] 

  • #Club_Physique: Daniel's strip club

  • #DCFreeHold: NOT PUBLIC. Fae Players only. 

  • #DCHedge: NOT PUBLIC. Fae Players only. 

  • #The-Phantasm: PUBLIC. Large Public Lindy/Swing/Jazz Nightclub]

(As we process player feedback and firm up the new setting for 2.0, look for this list to be amended accordingly)


-- And any other channels created by your ST 


(NOTE: Barging into any channels not listed above as PUBLIC, and/or not listed here AT ALL, makes your PC fair game for whatever the Players or ST who set the channel up impart onto you. Ask before inviting yourself in, and do not whine to an ST if barging in uninvited gets your ass kicked or gets you killed IC.)

Players should NOT invite themselves to create permanent (registered) channels for this game.

All channel requests will be done through the HST because of the maintenance issues involved (setting ops, posting it on this page, maintaining log-ins so it doesn't expire, etc.)



We require that an Op or ST must be present in the side channel for the RP to be acknowledged. If that is not possible, because we're AFK or out, one of those involved must report the scene to an ST, offering them the logs if needed. However, we still have right of final approval, or refusal.

LOG EVERYTHING YOU RP, If you don't have logs, you can lose XP, or have your game moves redlined. If you do not know how to log your channels, ask an ST! If you have to, ask one of the other players to email you their copy, so you have it. This includes scenes with sexual content. They do are subject to ST review or else do not count.

ST's have the right to review the RP and intervene after the fact, if something was not done properly at the time the RP happened. STs have the right to review ANY side RP that involves any characters in this chronicle.

PLEASE NOTE: Players will not know all the factors that can affect a fellow character in a scene (such as consequences of sex or feeding (bonding, poison, diseases), secret use of a discipline/gift/rote, etc.; allergies, flaws, fears, curses, etc.) Only that character's ST is qualified to guide such results. Refusal of legitimate channel access or unmodified logs to an ST may result in an ST penalty or even a kick-ban & PC confiscation.



[C] Consistency/Standardization of Channel Rules

Since this is a closed game, we  only recognize RP in our own official channels. The rules will be exactly the same in every channel in this game; even side channels created by players for a specific side scene.


[D] Policy on Other IRC WOD Channels & Servers:

1998-2002: Prior to our move to SorceryNet in December 2002, the 11th Hour was an "Open Game," meaning that we cooperated when possible with other DALNet RP channels in allowing chars to play in multiple games at once, keeping their items and experience, accepting claims of IC territory and authority over various cities, and held a general policy of open-door crossover.

2003: Effective January 2003 and forward, our chronicle was closed to other games. What occurs in non-Alliance channels and games does not govern ours in any way whatsoever. They do not exist to this chronicle. This policy continues to the present day. 


[E] When Do We Play (OOC), And How Often?


Our STs are either in the EST time zone (GMT -5) or CST (GMT -6), although there is the possibility (not guaranteed) for RP 24/7 for whomever wishes it. if you coordinate with others.

The best times to catch active RP is approximately 6 pm to 1 am EST, and some weekends.

However, at least one ST will make a point to be available Monday, Thursday & Sunday evenings.

All other times are either by player request, or by sheer chance.

You may RP at any time that there's enough people in channel (not AFK), who can and want to play, as long as you both log the RP and report a summary to an ST. 

If you want to make sure people will be on when you want to RP, post a request or notice on Yahoo Groups or IMs to other players/STs and set it up. We will often pre-schedule larger and more involved deliberate RP scenes, usually posted in the Yahoo Group it pertains to. (This is why membership on the lists is required.)



If you want to just kinda pop on one weekend a month or whatever, or if you can't check your messages and try to show up when your PC is needed, then this is not the game for you.


Every character is designed to be integral to the storyline, so when you are not available, you are holding up the progress of other people, not just yourself.


There are no walk-ons or cameos in this Chronicle, so please be clear that all players are expected to show up regularly, or inform us if that isn't going to be possible. See the Inactivity Guidelines for specific rules on partcipation. 


Please be responsible to know what kind of time commitment you are able to give, and be honest about that.


All Sourcebooks & Materials for this campaign are  2004-2010 White Wolf Publishing, Inc.  All rights reserved.