11th Hour 2.0 Cast of Characters

  • We have made a deliberate effort NOT to indicate here what type of being characters are. This info should be earned through RP. 

  • Character pics which are celebrities or media figures, living, deceased or fictional, should be assumed to be representations, not taken literally. They are Archetypes to help you imagine the character more accurately.

  • If you see any pictures or artwork that should be credited or outright taken down, please contact us first and extend us an opportunity to comply, which we are happy to do.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: We have a reference page up also which lists some character names, and some celebrity pictures, that we have locked out of use for 2.0. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but we decided it was best for the game not to confuse people by overuse of some long-standing names or character pictures that are already well-known in the game to be associated with someone else's PC. More details are HERE. Also, if you see a name taken below or on the web page just listed, please do not duplicate it.

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Aamir Devgan


Alice Gable


Amelia "Millie" Wentworth a.k.a. "The Duchess"


Bell (Jezebel) Neveu


Caleb Brown


Christian Matreal


Professor Eriond Tekenduis


Georgia Buchanan


Helena "Shush" Matthews


Jean-Guy Lefèvre


Jesedan bel Ackesh


Jorsca Loupyn


Julia Voss


Kazuya Yuki


Kiska Petrovna


Laura Bauer


Lear "DJ Nyx" Christiensen


Lynette Fortier


Malcomb Redmond


Professor Moira Reynolds


Odette Calloway


Orikasa Yuki


Sheldon "Sock" Cauldwell


Siobhán Colleen O'Brannon


Sister Veronica Emmanuelle


Tabitha "Jinx" Wolf


William "Bill" Stark


PCs name here


PCs name here


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PCs name here


PCs name here


PCs name here





Benjamin "Bennie Bones" Knochenberg


Boris "Spider" Strickland



Demetria Mihailova



Elin Taylor



Francesca "Torque" Torquemada



John "Mountain's Voice" Sandburg


Dr. (Anyastayzia) Jordan Forrester


Jayne Washburn


Katherine "Kitty" Whittier


Lisa Coppélia


Lorelei Del'Armigo




Margaret Eleanor

St. John-Smythe

"Grammy Buttercup"


Natalie Wallace


Orin Foster


Peira (Alexander)


Randall "Ten Men Sleeping" Craig




Temperance Fitzroy




Warren Lansdowne


William Bryce


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PCs name here


PCs name here


PCs name here


PCs name here


PCs name here


PCs name here


PCs name here



The Graveyard



Characters who have died in play, been retired by the player,

or removed if the player drops out



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