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Northeast DC

Last Updated: 3-1-10

Canadian Embassy (5th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue)

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Map of "Northeast"


Northeast DC in Wikipedia


(where the 4 quadrants of DC meet)

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Union Station:

The original Union Station as it once looked

(Check out the jogger scene in the movie "Manhunter" (Original version))

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The remodeled Union Station complex today

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Columbus Square

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H Street Entrance


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Union Station Arches


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Union Station Fine Dining


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Union Station Shopping


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Union Station Shopping


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McMillan St. Reservoir

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Shakespeare Theater





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Chinatown Gate 7th & G Streets NW

as viewed from inside Chinatown


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Street Scenes In Chinatown

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MCI Center (Concert Arena) on 7th St.

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The Black Cat 

(Music Venue & Bar)  

U Street

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(IC Venue)

(Industrial, Goth, Dance, & Fetish/BDSM Club)  

U Street NE

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Fadó Irish Pub

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808 7th Street NW

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Hell or Connaught

(IC Venue)

(Irish Pub in Northeast)

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St. Patrick's Cathedral

(IC Venue)


619 10th St., NW

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The Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception


400 Michigan Avenue NE

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Connects to Catholic University

Tea 42  (IC Venue)

Victorian & Japanese Tea House

4242 G Street NW, Chinatown

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Library of Congress

(Independence Ave NW)



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United States Supreme Court

(4th & D Sts NW)




DC Housing @ 5th & T Sts. NW






Federal Trade Commission (6th St. & Pennsylvania Ave NW)

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Holy Rosary Catholic Church (3rd & F Sts. NW)


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The Jewish Musuem (3rd & G Sts. NW)


The National Archives (7th St. & Pennsylvania Ave NW)

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The Constitution

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Ben's Chili Bowl

 12th & U Streets NW

The U. S. Botanical Gardens

First St. SW, between Maryland Ave. &  C St.

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102572p1.jpg (68919 bytes) The Capitol Grille, one block West of Union Station  

The Shakespeare Theater