Cherry Blossoms
Japan's Gift lives on

(LAST UPDATED: 8-15-05)

Blossoms by the Jefferson Memorial



A Lantern posted by the Cherry trees




Even the squirrels come out to see the blossoms!



What a great wedding backdrop!



cherrybLee.gif (220906 bytes)

Blossoms in view of Custis-Lee Mansion



cherryJeff.gif (235845 bytes)

Jefferson Memorial framed



The Lantern (full view)



cherryMonum.gif (132447 bytes)

Washington Monument framed



cherrytidal.gif (210124 bytes)

Blossoms framing the Tidal Basin as people ride in paddleboats



chery2jeff.gif (133112 bytes)

Jefferson Memorial again






Tourists checking out the blossoms



Blossoms on the riverfront



Big blossom-filled trees



ch01.jpg (70454 bytes)

More Blossoms



And more blossoms...



cherrydark.jpg (43897 bytes)

And more...