The Authority of the Ops / STs Over Players






OOC Ops Authority Over Players:



1. Ops Word Is Law


2. Ops Have Authority Over All Players OOC


3. Guest Storytellers


4. We Are Volunteers













The Code of Conduct page contains our expectations of ST/Op Authority for our Chronicle. 


This entire page can be summed up in one sentence; 

"The Opsís word is law here."

Everything else is just further explanation.

  • Channel Founder/Head ST: ^IceFalcon^

  • Additional STs: Hera, Eriond, JonOOC & Caleb_Brown

  • Honorary Non-ST Op: Magnus


1. The Opsís word is law here. Our House, Our Rules. The HST has the final say in all things.

This is White Wolf's #1 rule, and it is ours. This is not a democracy, it is more like a "benevolent dictatorship," dedicated to providing mutual entertainment, and all goals are towards that end. 

You are welcome to question something politely, providing official White Wolf sources if documentation or proof is needed. You are not free to pester, whine, talk back, threaten, or incessantly argue, if you don't get your own way.

If you feel an Op has been unfair, log it and discuss it with them. We try to be fair and listen to you. You can take a problem as far as the Head ST (Ice). Once a decision is made, though, the topic is closed. When the HST says it is over, it ends. Period.

2. All Ops have game authority over all players, OOC.

Anyone who is an Op, not just your genre ST, has the right to supervise any player regarding OOC matters. There will be no "You're not my ST, he is!" crap going on.

3. All Ops have authority over "Guest Storytellers".

Players have permission to design stories and play them, occasionally as a Guest Storyteller. However, if your storyline is causing a problem, Ops have permission to moderate it or overrule you. If you cannot accept that, don't bring your story to our channel. ST-ing is only permission to tell stories in our space. It is not authority over players and especially not over any Ops. 

4. The Ops volunteer to serve you. Behave accordingly.

You are in our IRC "Home," and are expected to act accordingly. This channel is the internet equivalent of a tabletop game. If you act up, you will be removed.

Remember that no ST/Op is obligated to or paid to be here. We choose to spend our personal time running the game. Players do not have the right to play here - it is a privilege, extended to you by volunteers, and if it gets taken for granted or abused, can be revoked for any reason we see fit.

You are always free to leave, if you don't like how we run our game. However, we do hope you stay and enjoy yourself, as others already do and have for many years. 

So, in closing...

Welcome to the 11th Hour Lounge!


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