A: General URL's To Know


  B: YahooGroups


     B1: YahooGroups Settings

     B2: Sub-Genre Lists




This page contains information on White Wolf, Yahoo Groups, IRC and other URL's you will need in order to play here.

Everything on this page applies to all players, regardless of what kind of character you are making. 

Any web sites specific to one genre are on the Sub-Genre Rules page. Be sure to read both the main rules and the rules for your genre, before submitting a character for approval.

[A] Important URL's You Will Need To Know:




[B] MANDATORY Web Group / Email List:        



Membership to YahooGroups is MANDATORY. No exceptions.


Please don't sign up for YahooGroups until after you have spoken to an ST about what you will be playing.


This does two things: 

[1] Lets you know what groups you need to be on for your character type (because there could be more than one since most supernatural genres have a sub-list of their own), and 

[2] Lets us know you exist, so that random unexpected subscription requests out of the blue are not mistaken for spammers and deleted. 



(aka OneList / EGroups / YahooGroups / YahooClubs):


These lists are where most IC & OOC game issues are announced & discussed. Players are responsible for all policy changes or information posted to the list, whether they choose to read it or not. This list makes it possible for your ST's to manage this large of a game, and it works for us. 


Players are responsible for maintaining a VALID, non-bouncing Email address on all lists for the genres they play.

Do not use an email account if you never check it or if it is dead

Quitting a required list, or letting your email address die, can become grounds for dismissal from the game. If we can't reach you in a timely manner, it holds up the game for both us and for your fellow players.



[B1] - NOTE on Yahoo Groups settings


  • Use an email address you can check regularly. Some postings are time-sensitive.

  • If you have special email needs, they can be dealt with by changing your YahooGroups settings (such as Digest Mode.)

  • We do not allow players to set their accounts to NO MAIL/WEB ONLY unless they are on ST Sanctioned hiatus. The least setting you can use is SPECIAL NOTICES ONLY. If you set your account to NO MAIL and you are not on hiatus, it will be reset by an Op.


[B2] - Sub-Lists on YahooGroups for Specific Genres or Subcultures of PC's:


There are now private Mandatory Sub-lists on YahooGroups for: 

Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Changelings. We are working on making groups for GWU, and Hackers/Computer Types.


All sub-lists are explained on the Sub-Genre Rules page for the genre they relate to. There is a YahooGroups link button at the bottom of the Genre Rules page.

Please make sure you read the rules page for your genre and get on your genre list.


Other lists can be created if the interest is there. Lists falling into disuse may be discontinued at ST discretion. 


Your character will not be considered fully approved until you are on the lists you are supposed to be (IE: you cannot RP). Approval can be rescinded if you deliberately quit the list, or it can be suspended until you subscribe.



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