How To Get XP & What You Can Do With It








  1. Other Games XP

  2. Max XP Points Cap

  3. How Much  Experience For What

  4. Earning XP

   a. Regular RP

   b. Dice Rolls

   c. Side RP w/ ST

   d. PBEM

   e. Instant


   f. OOC Research

   g. Downtimes

  5. Losing Experience

   a. Harping

   b. ST Attention Hog

   c. Being Belligerent

   d. General Rudeness

6. Spending 

    Experience Points

















This page contains information about Experience Points in our Chronicle.

Everything on this page applies to all PC's in all Genres, regardless of what type of character you are making. 

This does not include specific restrictions for individual genres. Anything specific to only one genre is on the individual Genres Rules Page. Be sure to read both before submitting a sheet.


Since we are now a closed game, we do not honor any outside experience points.


The experience points cap has been rendered irrelevant. There is no cap on XP, only the requirement that you be able to document how you earned it.

The 2.0 nWOD Chronicle began in Summer 2006, but older players may have a legacy PC they were permitted to build as a reward for completing the 1.0 game, so some characters can have quite a bit of XP, which they earned. Consistent, regular play typically results in about 2-300 XP per year but this can vary significantly.



The approximate guideline for Experience is 1 XP for for every 1 hour of involved, diced RP (not just drinking in the bar or cruising for cyber). This includes use of any powers that require dice rolls, not just combat moves.

You may count social RP, if you can legitimately document how it furthers a goal (information, spying, making a new contact, etc.) or a way of being for your character that is in keeping with the goals on your Background. Consult your ST when in doubt. 

LOG EVERYTHING your character does. We will not "take your word for it." If you don't know how to save log files, ask an ST/Op. Keep the logs so you can produce them if an ST asks.

You are on your own honor to tally up your experience, unless your ST tells you not to do so on your own. If you need an Op's advice or help with it, let them know. If you do something outstanding and feel you earned extra experience for it, submit a log to your ST with a note as to why. Your XP should be logged on your bi-weekly downtimes. Do not assume the spend is approved until you are told so.


Because people's schedules can be erratic and incompatible, we are flexible about the ways in which you can execute game moves. While we are NOT a Play By Email Chronicle or anything, we will allow players to move something along via other means than live RP in the channel if it becomes necessary in order for it to advance in a timely manner. 

We also recognize that some of you have goals and agendas that don't really require another PC or regular NPC, so we will work with you to play those out or roll dice to determine their outcome.

There are several ways by which you can potentially be given Experience Points. 

[a] Regular live RP in the channel with other PC's.

[b] Rolling dice with your ST to determine the outcome of a game move.

[c] Running a side RP scene one-on-one with your ST to interact with an NPC who does not regularly appear in the Chronicle (such as "The Coroner" or "Senator Smith.")

[d] PBEM (Play By Email), where you write up a narrative scene describing what is happening with your character (you may not write in actions for other people's PC's unless they are collaborating with you on composing the PBEM.) These are very handy when your scene is stuck due to not being able to get a group of players on together live to RP it out. These would normally be mailed/posted to the Sub-Genre Yahoo Group, rather than the main list, because they often contain information that some players should not know about. If you don't know where to post a PBEM, ask your ST first.

[e] Hashing out details of a scene OOC on ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AIM or other instant messengers (please log the conversations as you would an IRC Channel).

[f] Researching information either OOC or IC. Sometimes players want to make moves that require knowledge of a topic that the player or the ST does not have. We have been known to grant Experience Points for the man-hours a player spends researching information OOC, reflecting that the PC IC would have spent that time doing the same. Such as, reading library books on a topic, finding out a law in a certain jurisdiction, checking the phone book, checking for a web site, etc. 

[g] Completing your mandatory biweekly Downtimes. You will get 2 XP for each one you turn in.


It is extremely rare that this will actually happen, but there are occasions when a Player gets out of control, yet not quite to the level of removing them entirely. 

The ST's reserve the right to dock players Experience Points for certain subjective behaviors. 

It is difficult to list exactly what those would be, because there are already consequences in place within these rules (in the Code of Conduct section) for most problems that occur. 

These are a small number of examples of the types of things that might warrant it. These are only examples, not an all-inclusive list:

[a] Nagging, whining, bitching, not dropping the subject when told to, or otherwise not accepting an ST's ruling.

[b] Demanding that the ST come log on and deal with you, regardless of what they may be doing OOC/IRL (such as sleeping, eating, parenting, hosting a torrid Mazola party, etc.) While we try hard to be available often, your ST's are not "ON CALL." Most things can wait a bit.

[c] Starting OOC fights, being belligerent to other players or ST's while your ST is not available, thus making your ST have to log on and discipline you.

[d] Basically, anything where the player is being an inconsiderate, rude, disruptive or selfish pain in the ass, in a way that isn't covered in other rules, but still needs to be stopped. The STs get to declare what counts as this.


  • You may not legally count XP spent on your sheet until your ST agrees to it. You should address what you want to buy in your downtimes and then update your sheet and submit the new one when the spends are approved.

  • You may bring your sheet to an ST, and tell them what you want to buy. Be prepared to show what RP you have done to earn certain things. Your ST must agree you can buy something, before you can have it.

  • You are not allowed to dice off any sheet but the one the STs have on file for you. So update early and often!

  • Buying new stats (also refer to the subgenre page for your genre):

    • Attributes - new dot x 5

    • Merit - new dots x 2

    • Morality - new dots x 3

    • Skill - new dots x 3

    • Skill specialty - 3 points

    • Willpower - 8 points


    • For Supernatural stats spends refer to the core books: 

      • CtL page 77

        • Affinity Contract - New dots x 4

        • Clarity - new dots x 3

        • Goblin Contract - dots x 3

        • Non-affinity Contract - New dots x 6

        • Wyrd - New dots x 8

  • MtA Page 340

  • NWoD (Mortals) page 35

  • PtC page 87

    • Affinity transmutation - new dots x 5

    • Azoth - New dots x 8

    • Non-affinity transmutation - New dots x 7

  • VtR page 93

    • Blood Potency - New dots x 8

    • Clan or Bloodline Discipline - New dots x 5

    • Other discipline (includes Coils of the Dragon) - New dots x 7

    • Theban Sorcery or Cruac Ritual - Ritual Level x 2

  • WtF page 66

    • Affinity (tribe, auspice or common) - New dots x 5

    • Gifts or Rituals

    • Harmony - New dots x 8

    • Other - New dots x 7

    • Other Renown - New dots x 8

    • Primal Urge - New dots x 8

    • Primary (auspice, tribe) Renown - new dots x 6

    • Rite - Rite dots x2


(Thank you Eriond/Mike for compiling the Supers stats)




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