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  1. Character Deaths

  2. Resurrections

  3. Combat Ditching

  4. One-Liners, aka "Auto-Kills"

















This page contains information about using dice and performing actions, including combat, in our Chronicle. There is also information about our policies on character deaths & kills.

Everything on this page applies to all PC's in all Genres, regardless of what type of character you are making. 

This does not include specific restrictions for individual genres. Anything specific to only one genre is on the individual Genres Rules Page. Be sure to read both before submitting a sheet.

Playing Guidelines


Dice will be rolled for any actions that traditionally require a roll in tabletop games, and / or any actions that have a decent chance of failure, random outcomes or other mitigating factors.



Darkmyst IRC Server has its own Dice Serverbot, so Ops Script Dicebots and Personal Dicebots are not needed. Please make sure that if you run one, it does not respond to commands in our OOC Channel.

The Darkmyst Server Dicebot runs by typing " `nwod #" (where # is the number of dice you are rolling. The bot knows the diff is always 8).

Type this in the OOC channel only. Please also post what the roll is for, at least some form of abbreviation so if the logs get reviewed, we can match your rolls to your game moves. If you are concerned about revealing an action, at least please message an ST privately and inform them what the roll is for.





Since we are now a closed game, we don't care if you submit a character that died in another channel because their world does not exist to us IC. However, do not put any history from that other chronicle in your background for here. The character would in essence be starting over. 

You can also submit a character that died here, elsewhere, if you wish, but it will never be in play here again even if you find a way to bring it back IC in someone else's chronicle.


If you did not openly RP any sort of soul-saving / resurrections etc. at the time of the character's death, you do not get to use them after the fact. If it's not in play when you died, it's not in play, period. 

[3] LEAVING COMBAT UNFINISHED (aka "Combat Ditching")

This is extremely important, and please be aware that it WILL be enforced.

Ditching RP in the middle of a combat, without prior clearance to leave from an 11th Hour ST, is grounds for automatic character death IC, and player ban/akick OOC.

[A] If you are aware you will need to leave within 15 minutes or sooner, do not involve yourself in a combat.

[B] If another PC forces you to be in a combat, inform an ST IMMEDIATELY in msg that you were about to leave.

[C] If you have a PC crash or OOC emergency you must clear this up with an Op or ST first thing upon your return, or the Char may be ruled as dead.

You will be penalized if you willingly instigate combat, knowing you cannot complete it OOC unless all parties involved agree to place the scene on hold. Habitual faking of excuses to escape fair RP could result in a kick/ban.



One-liners will NOT be accepted in place of any diced actions.

One-line kills are free-formed, run-on sentences pretending to be combat. 

They encompass an entire melee in 1 sentence (i.e.: Mary walks into the bar, sees Jack, gets out her knife and cuts off his head (not allowing the other player any actions.) 

In a One-Liner, the player executing it does not acknowledge any actions or counters to which the opponent could be entitled, and assumes all his actions against his opponent automatically succeed.)

No characters, whether PC or NPC, are entitled to an AutoKill.

White Wolf's Combat System and a properly-done character sheet, takes into account all the skills, advantages and bonuses a character is entitled to in a fight. 

If your stats allow you any special init or undetectable/sneak attacks, these will be accounted for in your stats. 

Any secret actions you feel other players shouldn't see in channel should be privately messaged to & approved by an Op/ST in advance of the action, or it will not count.


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