This page contains information about how to do bi-weekly "Downtimes" or reports to the STs about game moves your character would be doing that cannot be RP'd out.

Everything on this page applies to all players.


All players will be required to submit a "Downtime" every other week by Sunday at midnight. No exceptions.

A Downtime is a LARP term which amounts to a brief summary report to the STs about what your PC has been doing for a set amount of time. In our game that will be every other week. They are a chance to notify the STs of your progress, make some game moves that wouldn't be RPd out, and other maintenance notes about your character's progress.

Failure to submit downtimes will result in a Strike. Three Strikes becomes automatic suspension of the PC for three months from the deadline of the third missed downtime. If this happens more than twice in a calendar year, the PC will be confiscated when it happens a third time.

This is the final format to be used on bi-weekly downtimes.

Just copy/paste it into an email (one per char please, separate) and fill in the rest.

Please do not save as a separate attachment. It is cumbersome for the STs, and also Yahoo Groups Archive deletes attachments, so they will not archive to the list.


Pro Tip: Start your Downtime on Monday, paste  in the below draft format, and save it as a draft in your email. Then you can add to it and edit as time goes on, makes it less of a scramble to finish it.


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11th Hour Lounge Downtimes



You are required to complete a separate downtime for each character you have active in the game (please do not combine them on one sheet), and emailed to the STs at 11thHourDowntimes@yahoogroups.com .


Downtimes are a brief summary of what your character is assumed to be doing during the course of the week. This can be mundane but you must put something. It can include actions you made in RP and subsequent follow-ups. It can be benchmarking a process (such as building influence, cultivating a contact/ally, learning a power).


For example:


My character took the mayor out to dinner twice, had the chief of police tailed, spent one evening learning a Rote from Random Larry, bought a pet poodle and taught it to sing, and got Player X to fix the bullet holes in his car that Gangster Y put in it last week.

He spent about $5,000 and used Dominate and the “I’m Completely Awesome” Merit.

This fulfills his Short Term goal of making important friends, and his long-term goal of taking over the world.

They begin biweekly (every other Monday) starting January 17th 2010 and are due by the second Sunday afterwards, at Midnight EST. It is your responsibility to allow for email delays in sending them. Reminders will be sent out on Yahoo Groups on Monday, Friday and Sunday.

There will be no exceptions for submitting Downtimes. If you need help, you should be conferring with an ST prior to deadline. If you are RP-ing frequently during the week, just summarize what your RP was as requested below. If you can’t hook up with players you need, explain that in the DT. It is acceptable to just send in a duplicate of last time with a note about what you needed to do further and why you couldn't do it (people weren't available, etc.)

If you miss a DT, you will have a strike against you. Strikes expire at the end of each year on December 31st.  3 Strikes will result in loss of character, and at ST’s subjective discretion, possible ejection from the game.



Dates This Downtime Covers:

Player's Name:

Player's Email Address:

Character's Name:

Character Type (With Specifics):




How have you catered to your virtue or vice this week?

Have you lost spent WP you are trying to regain by playing them out?


Do you have any Flaws or Derangements you played out this week?


What Attributes did you rely on for actions this week?

What Skills did you rely on for actions this week?

What Merits did you rely on for actions this week?

What stats are you building up to buying with your actions this week?


What characters or NPCs did you interact with?


From your “Big Four” Background for this PC, post here your short-term and long-term goals:






Summarize what actions your PC took this week to work towards those goals, directly or indirectly:



Summarize any other actions you did that you feel could be relevant to the story, even if they do not pertain to your PC’s own declared goals:















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