Timelessly elegant, in the classic idiom more recently espoused by such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Roxane is one for dignified understatement, content simply to be, when she ventures out, which seems to be rarely. Emotionally staid, she is the sort who can tell you to go to hell so subtly that you find yourself thanking her as you willingly queue the line for your ticket South. She is the consummate politician's companion... or is she?

Believed to be of royal Persian (Iranian) extraction, the enigmatic first wife of Alexander Marriott was thought to have vanished from his side during the Kennedy Administration, the details of their seemingly amicable split unclear to all but the inner circle of the time.

As with all women who would traffic with powerful men, she is resilient, mysterious, taciturn, and clear on her station in the arrangement... though others may not be, at first, and mistake her for powerless arm candy, a faux pas that could be disastrous.

Roxane resurfaced briefly in recent years, in conjuction with some personal dealings involving her former husband, and possibly something to do with events in their former stomping grounds in the Mediterranean. But she seems again to have vanished, interestingly around the same time as a seemingly good acquaintance of hers... one Maratel DeSandeleu. Coincidence? Do you dare look closely enough into the matter to find out for sure...