Col. George Bassett,

USAF (Retired)







The personable, dutiful Head Bartender at the 11th Hour Lounge, George is the kind of bar-hack they don't make anymore; everyone's friend, ears open, mouth shut, Master of the perfect drink, regardless of what weird and exotic choices you may order.


George runs a tight ship within his sphere of authority, though he is by no means a tyrant. He is a seemingly simple and forthright man, though the former trait is highly misleading.

To the truly observant, there is obviously more to his story.  Even for his well-rewarded and respected status, there is an expertise and awareness about George that belies his simple station here. And, as well it should be.


Little known to most of those he now serves, George did indeed have quite a colorful former life. He was one of the 99th Fighter Squadron in WW II; the now-famous Tuskegee Airmen.

George stays around because he simply likes being around people. A recent widower, he feels it prevents his mind from growing old. Occasionally, those he once knew from military service patronize the club, allowing him to reminisce with old friends and share stories that no one else understands.


The next time you are lucky enough to be served by George, perhaps he will recount one of his tales of war glory, while you enjoy some of the finest drinks to be had in all of Washington.


Tuskegee Airmen