Ashley Michelle Peterson





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Former Debutante Ashley Peterson, sister of restaurants reviewer Blayne Peterson, Daughter of land developer & attorney Milton Peterson, and granddaughter of Colonel Gordon Peterson (ret.), is no stranger to the fast-paced and eccentric world of those who traffic Washington Society and such clubs as the 11th Hour Lounge, Duke Ziebert's, or Capital Hill.

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William & Mary Alumna and socialite Peterson was part of the infamous 11th Hour social scene for years, though seems to be avoiding her old acquaintances after a hushed-up incident involving an old flame who once patronized the club, and also an erroneous Washington Post report that misidentified her as a heart-attack victim found in an Adams Morgan alley a couple of years ago. 

These days Peterson has kept a much lower profile, though she was last seen attending the opening of the rougher and less trendy "Web of Night" Club in  Southeast.

She is often seen with college pal Pastiche Devereaux, Helen and Jamison Fairfield, and other glitterati of the Nation's Capitol.