{Amy} & Ellison    


{Amy} skulks sullenly inside, keeping to herself, making minimal eye contact. She has short, dark-brown hair to the nape of her neck, Bangs, & Godiva-chocolate brown doe eyes. She wears a dark kelly-green brushed silk cocktail dress, hose, and black pumps with gold bow clips, in which she is quintessentially awkward. (App 2, Fame 1 (TV Infomercials: "Psychic Friends Network))



Very little personal information is really known by many about this resident eccentric and colorful regular guest on the Psychic Friends Network Late Night TV Show. Some who know her a little better at least believe Amy was Manhattan born, raised by Greenwich Village Boho refugees, and that she came to Washington some time ago in the company of one Sir Arthur Rache III, a distinguished and therefore tolerated eccentric in his own right; nothing new in the Big Apple, of course. Sir Arthur seems to be something of a mentor or father figure, and shares Amy's passion for chess, as they met over a game in Central Park one early evening.


Though Sir Arthur seems to have gone his own way in recent days, Amy amuses herself lately keeping company with the most unlikely of figurative bedfellows, a local Industrial DJ & erstwhile hacker of some repute, as well as safely comparable social awkwardness, named Bryce. She also indulges in a bit of freelance drawing, though those who have been gifted with her sketches sometimes find their imagery haunting and personally insightful, if not outright disturbingly visionary. 


Amy also has another companion of a different sort, whom most know even less about than her. Nearly everyone save her following treat her "career", such that it is, with a healthy degree of skepticism. Yet, Amy seems to honestly believe that she is watched over by some manner of guardian angel, or else perhaps it is true that she communicates with ghosts, perhaps having found one who, for whatever otherworldly reasons, is inclined to stick around. The theories are rampant as to the true nature of her unseen buddy Ellison, though most agree he is a rather misanthropic, if not alarmingly blunt and insightful creature.